About Us

Company Profile

For more than 50 years, Semco has been one the premier employee leasing firms in the nation. Our services go behind those of the standard “PEO” organizations.

Guiding Principles

Since our goal is to provide our clients with worry-free service, we follow a strict set of business and ethical guidelines. When you hire Semco, you can rest easy.

Meet the Team

Led by our sales manager and human resource manager, the Semco team is staffed by experts in every aspect of employee leasing, from government regulations to management issues.

About the President

Dan Ellis is the third generation to steward the business which was launched by his grandfather in 1970. You might say employee leasing is in his blood.

Corporate Connections

Working with other high-level service providers is part of what enables us to offer a superior product to our own clients.


Our clients have been kind enough to share some of the positive experiences they have had with Semco and the entier team.

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I have been using Semco for 4 years. I highly recommend them.

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