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Keep the Perks of Being a Business Owner

Without the Worries of Being an Employer

Reduce Liability

Maximize Retirement Benefits

Improve Employee Benefits without the high cost

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How many retirement
dollars did you lose to
taxes last year?

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Keep the Perks

Outstanding benefits at large group
rates, equivalent to the best a large
employer might offer...

  • - Discounts on auto loans
  • - Education Reimbursement
  • - Short Term Disability

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The Affordable Care Act

Are you ready for the storm?

Let SEMCO be your umbrella!

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Serving the professional community since 1970!


About Semco


Semco pioneered employee leasing in 1970, and is one of the nations’s leading firms specializing in employee leasing. Unlike “PEO’s” (professional employment organizations), which don’t assume full responsibilities for your employees, Semco is a true employee leasing service organization by handling all the employment needs by being the employer of record.

Semco Management offers full time communication and support while providing meaningful benefits at reasonable costs for the staff. Let Semco get you back to your business, and out of the employee business! Contact Us to see how we can help you structure a program that meets all of your legal and financial needs.

  • Reduce Financial Liability and Legal Risk

    Semco can reduce your financial liability and legal risk. We take pride in staying up to date and regularly consulting with employment counsel to keep up with the ever changing landscape of employment law. By having us administer your workers compensation, employee HR and health care needs, you can focus on your core business.

  • Greater Empoyee Retention

    Now you can offer the benefits of a large corporation, without the large premiums! From premier health insurance to paid vacations and retirement benefits, you will have a happier staff and reduce employee turnover.

  • Improve Employee Benefits

    Employees look for companies that can offer benefits and now you can provide high level benefits at an affordable cost. Benefits include, premier health insurance, 401K Retirement, Credit Union memberships and discounts on auto loans, travel purchase and homeowners insurance.

  • Low Cost of Implementation

    Getting started is easy and affordable! For you and your employees – It is a WIN-WIN!

Improve Employee Benefits

Semco offers your current staff a full benefits plan, including health, dental, education and retirement at competitive rates.

Maximize Retirement Benefits

You, the business owner, can provide better, more affordable benefit options to the employees and maximize your pension contributions.

The “Employer Game”

Spend more time working at your profession by eliminating the worry of being an employer. Semco offers business owners a solution to focus on core business while reducing the responsibilities of staffing.




  • Legally Maximize Retirement Contributions
  • Reduce or Eliminate Employer Liability
  • Reduce Fiduciary Employer Responsibility
  • Customize Medical, Dental & Other Benefits
  • Reduce Payroll Tax and Workers Comp Liability
  • Increase Professional Satisfaction

Industries That Benefit

Any small to mid-sized business can benefit from using Semco for their employee staffing needs.

      • Medical
      • Dental / Maxillofacial
      • Legal
      • Accounting
      • Real Estate
      • Insurance
      • Software
      • Clerical
      • And many other professional and business areas

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