Business Owner Advantage

When a firm becomes a Subscriber with Semco we take over the employer responsibilities for employees, both new and existing.

In addition to the employer responsibilities, SEMCO may be able to help in areas where you may save money and maximize your business profits. As SEMCO does have good faith of collective bargaining to cover all leased employees, there may be protections in other areas where you may benefit.

Consider the following subscriber benefits:

Legal Liabilities

Your business relationship with us may help shield you from certain legal liabilities since we are listed as the employer of record. SEMCO provides labor law posters, Injury and Illness Prevention Programs, sexual harassment training, time and labor rules and workplace safety materials.

Hiring and Firing

The Semco team will administer the staffing and personnel activity, including human resources (hiring, firing, employee grievances). This allows you to focus more of your time to your core business.

Taxes and Federal Reporting

We handle all filings for employer taxes, workers’ compensation, EEOC, OSHA, unemployment claims, provide employee W-2s and ACA 1095 forms and other filings that an employer would normally do. This will reduce the cost of hiring outside services to do them for you.

Semco makes my life much easier. It takes away some of the headaches from running a private practice. They are excellent.

Private Practice SEMCO Management, Inc.


Employee Benefits

Semco is committed to employee satisfaction, enabling you to attract and retain the best and brightest into your practice. Our large employee base allows us to offer your leased employees outstanding benefits at large group rates, equivalent to the best a large employer might offer.

Semco’s employees are offered superior and competitive health and retirement benefits that exceed the standards of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This eliminates your hassle of shopping for outside or health exchange insurance as a business owner.

Semco’s employees are also offered a 401(k) retirement plan that gives employees peace of mind for their retirement and minimize your cost.

Collective Bargaining

Semco has the good faith of collective bargaining which may offer benefits to our clients in ways of saving money. Collective bargaining also helps reduce potential claims through a grievance process.

What the Press Says

Semco’s unique leasing concept has withstood the test of time, receiving praise from such magazines and trade journals as Accounting today, Medical Economics, Dental Economics, and the San Diego Business Journal.