Guiding Principles

Semco’s mission is to serve our subscribers by relieving them of their personnel management responsibilities, allowing them to devote more time and energy to their primary business practices. For our employees, our goal is to provide them with high-quality benefits, along with dependable, comprehensive support for all their personnel needs.

We’re committed to our mission, using the following principles to guide us:


Throughout our organization, we perform our duties honestly and professionally.


We are dedicated to serving our subscribers and employees by leveraging our competitive advantages to their benefit.

I have been using Semco for 4 years. I highly recommend them.

Palomar Medicine SEMCO Management, Inc.


Legal Compliance

We continuously monitor state and federal changes in employment and pension codes, ensuring that our business practices are lawful and compliant.

Financial Responsibility

We pride ourselves on being fiscally sound and accountable to our employees and subscribers.

Continuous Development

We support professional development in our organization, and are committed to career advancement.

Personal Sensitivity

We are sensitive to all employee and subscriber needs.

Semco’s unique leasing concept has withstood the test of time, receiving praise from such magazines and trade journals as Accounting today, Medical Economics, Dental Economics, and the San Diego Business Journal.